• Handmade Paper
  • Mylar
  • Moments
  • Stories
  • Constructs
  • Untitled (litho series)
  • Ephemera
  • Parting
  • Twist
  • Large Works
  • Cone
  • Grid
  • Mapping
  • Water
  • 1992 and Earlier

In this section are selections from my many drawing series. Through drawing I discover new forms, explore forms occurring in sculpture, or forms I see in nature. Most series begin without a preconceived idea. Initial marks and shapes lead me into the work. Often these are then covered over, then uncovered, then partially recovered. I draw not to represent, but to see. It is also a process of matching my perceptual experience of a shape, place, or experience with what I feel internally. Most often, drawing is a search, a barometer reading of my unconscious.

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