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From 1997-2003, my work directly referenced the human body, resulting in the cast and bound series. The cast pieces were each made on an individual person and then further worked. These expansive pieces refer to garments, shrouds, skins, shells or carapace. Associations to the pieces can range from human and animal viscera and to features of the earth they comment on the world of sensation, function, physical urgency, tension, vulnerability, and pleasure–the fleeting experiences of life at a physical level. The nature of plaster is weight and volume, yet it carries the imprint of the original fluidity of the material, as it fit or flowed on a live form. Porosity and fragile details suggest the state of change, aging, and constantly shifting vulnerabilities and strengths that are life’s process. Some of these cast pieces were used in the Movement / Collaboration 2002. See video in Installation section of this site.

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